Ephemeral Flow Asks Inox 1/3

The performance of INOX is over and the floor is sticky and slippery. It is the remains of the unfortunate whose heads have exploded.
The minds are dislocated because Inox floats between fantasy and reality.
His detailed technique creates a visual effect so credible that what happens only in fiction, movies or video games he makes it become true before our eyes.

Mysterious stories trap us in beautiful and disturbing imaginations, Inox is taking us on a journey to the unknown, he also does not know what is going to happen either in that unrepeatable virtual reality that he creates for every occasion.
In the interview, we dig a little into the mind of this strange being and we find thoughts that, like his dance, fill us with encouragement and inspiration to follow our own artistic path so we will be able to build unique and unrepeatable universes.


What does dance mean to you?
How do you do that?
What do you want to achieve with dance?
What’s special about popping?
What has dance given you?
Dance environments and their differences?
What styles interest you more and why?
Telling stories and using concepts