katia Humenyuk

How To Inhale and Exhale Creativity

Katia Humenyuk

We all express ourselves someway, in the way of talking, thinking, seeing and understanding, our way of taking the hint by life and somehow giving back what was taught to us.

We are bone and flesh bodies constantly inspired by our own sense of survival.  Best of all is that apart from surviving, we live. We live at every step we take adding more senses and colours that mix with the red blood that runs through our veins. We are more open and sensitive to the world. We go out of our way to achieve more ways to flow and communicate. More senses! More arms, more eyes, more tongues and ears, more legs, more legs, more this and that!

When we are in a process of creation, we don’t seek to have everything that everybody else has. You don’t need to dance in the same way as him, or feel the same as her. But we are searching for something…. Maybe it’s to “be perfect” or “good enough” or the blend of the former! Congratulations then! Because you already are! You are in this precise moment!

You are perfect! And you are perfect, not in the literal meaning of the word because none of us are, but because of the beauty that you create just by living.

What do I contribute to my creation?
What do I think when I think?
What do I think when I create?
What do I think when I imagine?
What do I think when I improvise?

All questions come from the same thing:
Catching and releasing air. It’s that simple. Constant movement, conscious or unconscious, that I use to feed back my soul and body.
My capacity of breathing air: like receiving information, feeling, perceiving, searching, analyzing and adding.
With my capacity of releasing air: deliver, insist, repeat, transform, change, leave, inspiring myself or others.
That’s what increases my creative capacities in infinite ways.

When you don’t know who you are, what you are searching or what you want, your body and mind work for you and your needs.
When you know who you are, what you look for and what you want, you are yourself.
As long as you feel the constant need of searching that pierces and breaks you to then build you back, you’ll be YOU and your perfect “ME” of the moment.
The “how we do it” and “the reason why we do it” turns it in something beautiful and totally truthful by itself, capable of reaching much deeper than any other reason.
Therefore we are going to create, believing in ourselves and our actions…