Veronica Ibarra

The Improvised Forest

Veronica Ibarra

“Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off.
Build your wings on the way down.”

~Ray Bradbury

In front of you there is a leafy forest with such dense vegetation that you can only see a few meters away. You want to enter and explore, you are curious to know that lays beyond, but you don’t know about venturing to walk where you never went.

Keep in mind that if you were on the path already stepped on, you would miss the hare running in a hurry with a watch in his hand. If you were not willing to deviate when hearing a waterfall, you would never undergo the experience of jumping and immersing yourself in its foam.

However, if you walk among the trees accepting that you don’t know what is going to happen and you only pay attention to what you find along the way, the forest becomes a magical place full of discoveries.

This is freestyle, a space of creation full of infinite possibilities in which we do not need to know what will happen. We freestyle dancers seek to create the new and unexpected in dancing but, often, we do not feel prepared for that freedom. 

The mind invades you with its arsenal of sabotaging thoughts. Those thoughts are not you, they are drifting clouds in the sky, it is the crazy mind domesticated by society trying to protect you from the dancer-eating tiger that does not exist.

If, guided by fear, you decide to move in a planned way, you will kill the essence of the moment, you will get away from the truth when wanting to control it. Everything happens in the changing present moment.
Dance, like life, is ephemeral and improvised.

Because if you really surrender to the now, always different because everything is in constant change, you will travel through new landscapes, you will be a new traveler in continuous growth.

Just take the first step, the second will be revealed on the road. Trust that what you will find beyond the known will be extraordinary.