Ephemeral flow's Launch Show

On March 15 we officially launched Ephemeral Flow with an event that consisted of, in addition to a presentation of the project, a showing of seven creations by nine dancers.

They had answered and open-call to present a piece in process, something they were working on or that they wanted to try on that specific occasion.

Given the intimate environment, the free approach of the show and the people who were present, a propitious environment was created so that those who danced did so authentically in their vulnerability. They took risks and created something really special, interesting at an artistic level and very very emotional at the same time.

After each show we spent some time talking about what we had experienced, exchanging impressions and giving feedback.

The dancers that showed were: Gilber Jackson (@ gilberjackson), Whalfryd Cruz Minaya (@_dtails), Emejota Minguez (@emejotaminguez), Diego Olivas (@ diegodoc22), Darren King (@buhopremier), Mayer Mayorga (@ maymayer25), Lidya Rioboo (@lidya_rioboo), Katia Humenyuk (@ k4ti494) and Rodando Salamé (@Rolandosalameactor).

Also at the end of the night Fernando Careaga (@bboycorzo) proposed a contact exercise for all of us.

Thank you very much to all those who participated, either dancing or as an audience. Together we created something very beautiful, something that brought us closer to other ways of living dance. For us it was the perfect way to start our journey.