1. Flow of water in a river or stream that is only created during or just after it rains.
  2. The continuous state in which everything that exists is found.
  3. Project of creation and thought focused on dance, mainly on improvisation practices within urban culture (freestyle). Space for research, growth and inspiration that understands the art of movement as a form of free artistic expression and that therefore seeks to encourage the exploration without limits of the creative person.


That which is transient, which exists for a short time.


  1. Mental state also known as «the zone» in which a person is completely immersed in the activity that he/she executes.
  2. The movement of fluids (liquids or gases) and the action of moving like them in continuous progression.
  3. Way of acting in life in tune with the here and now, keeping in mind one’s own desires and possibilities in each moment.



Enoch Bascuñana «Inox» (workshops and interview)
Katia Humenyuk (labs and text)
Fernando Careaga «Bboy Corzo» (labs)
Elisa Medd (translation)