Ephemeral Lab – Emejota Minguez

6 April 2019

Investigation of personal movement and creativity through group and individual dynamics. Guided by Emejota Minguez.

Robot Lab

31 March 2019

Lab session guided by Veronica. Exploration and practice of the robot and of the mechanical movement.

Control Lab-01

24 March 2019

Lab guided by Veronica with exercises and dynamics to work control and movement awareness.

Ephemeral Flow Launch Show

15 March 2019

Ephemeral Flow launch event in which, apart from presenting the initiative, eight improvised creations by dancers will be shown. They may be something they are working on, a concept or an idea.
It is an opportunity to experiment, to explore or to try something specific in front of an audience of peers from...

Build Your Robot-01

20 February 2019

Veronica will run a workshop that will consist in an introduction on the style’s history, exploration of the dime-stop and other foundation techniques of mechanical movement and, using real and fictional robots as a reference, carrying out simple tasks inside the character.

Body In The Mind

29 January 2019

In this laboratory guided by Katia Hamenyuk, we’re going to explore the contact with other bodies and what they can offer us. Giving and receiving emotions through the skin and bones make us more sensitive, increasing the ability to perceive new forms of movement.

Art Of Animation

20 January 2019

INOX presenta una workshop centrada en el estilo Animation. Basada en trabajos de creatividad individual y grupal, historia del estilo y técnicas corporales, la workshop está especialmente trabajada para...

Each One Teach One

18 January 2019

Sessions of knowledge-sharing where each dancer teaches something to the others. Participants: Rommel, Esther, Miguel, Verónica, Emejota and Whalfryd.

Ephemeral Lab – Katia Hamenyuk

28 October 2018

We all express ourselves someway, in the way of talking, thinking, seeing and understanding, our way of taking the hint by life and somehow giving back what was taught to us...

Beyond Waving

17 October 2018

INOX presents a workshop focused on showing Waving from a contemporary point of view, with creativity group assignments, contact and expression exercises through this style

Ephemeral Women Meet_01

23 September 2018

Female dancers meeting to talk about our relationship with the freestyle urban dance scene. The idea is to create a support and reflection space where we can get together to share our ideas and personal experiences.