Imitating androids. Perfecting every detail so my movement and mind become less human, trying to erase every clue that gives my organic nature away. The goal is an impossibility and that makes it wonderful. I cannot erase my human side completely, I am human after all. The attempt is in itself the Art form. 

Many years of going through a constant research process using my body, this I believe is revolutionary. In a society that values utility and productivity imitating a robot is the ultimate rebellious act. Absurd, illogical, useless, unproductive. There is not ulterior motive. To the conventional mind it makes no sense. A woman who chooses to spend many hours moving like a robot believing wholeheartedly that she is doing something significant and wonderful. That is me. And for me, the Android is the ultimate Art.


"I'm just fascinated by the idea of expressing the world of science fiction only with the body.

If you do androids in the city, the space becomes a science fiction world.

I feel it's incredibly wonderful to be able to express that with just my body."


"The occult is connected to modern technology.

Humans are the result of extraterrestrial life-forms.

Humans  are developing technology  and creating androids out of instinct."


What is the relationship between dance and androids?

Dance is a human instinct.

Why do androids dance so much?



Paul: from the movements I always wonder where the line depicting the level of being 'self-willed' is - as the movements being very mechanical do suggest following some built in instructions - but at the same time the overall behaviour does suggest the start of becoming self-determined - 

which is intentional on your part - so how do you see your level of being a predetermined machine <--- > machine having gained 'will' and consciousness.

Veronica: An imitation of an imitation of an imitation.

I think about this often.

My conclusion is that there is no difference. She is just a machine therefore any sort of expression of intentionality or emotion is a replication. It is fake.But on the other hand, aren’t we humans the same? Complex machines?

If she believes she has an intention, then she does. As I am not her, so I cannot be sure, but she seems to be intentional.

Although for me she is just a machine. My body is just moving parts when I am “on android”. If I feel for real, then you will see me and not her. The only way I can really access the truth of my android is by feeling I am just a machine with moving parts.